This is a way for me to share news with you and also some of my favourite photos, of work I have done in the last year.

I may also from time to time, talk about new trends and ideas and where my inspiration comes from. Sometimes, this will be something really lovely that I have photographed while I am out and about.

At other times, it might be something I have brought back from a buying trip. Always, it will be something that has caught my eye and that I think is worthy of sharing with you.

Diane x

What flowery treats await in the days ahead?

19 March, 2018

Valentines Day came and went in a flurry of activity. For a few days, the shop was crammed with roses, of all sizes and colours. The air was filled with scent and more than a little romance too. I can't resist sharing this photo with you, of a sweet little bridal posy, I was asked to put together for February 14th. It was so refreshingly simple and smelt gorgeous!

Lovely citrus shades were chosen for this Pretty bridal posy.

A bit of a shift from red, with this lovely natural bunch one lucky young lady received.

After the disruption of " the beast from the east", we qere quickly thrown into Mother's Day preparations. Once again, the shop front and every available corner in the shop, was filled with flowers. Here are a few photos of some of my favourites.

With the snow back again today, we find ourselves wondering what flowery treats await in the days ahead. For now though, it's back to the seed and bulb catalogue and dreaming of warmer and more colourful times to come..

New Face at Chelsea Road

29 January, 2018

We have a new face at the shop in Chelsea Road. Luke Rich of Larkhall Farm Shop, Took over from Nicola last month, as the new shop owner. You will still find all the same faces in the shop though, along with Luke. My flowers still occupy pride of place and I'm pleased to say it's business as usual.

There is a buzz in the air as we look forward to Spring, and as the year unfolds, we welcome each seasons with renewed enthusiasm. For now though, we're loving the pale wintry sunshine and those early flowering bulbs in all their delicate splendour. Snowdrops are everywhere and must surely be at the top of the list for their beauty and to mark the start of the new year awakening.